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Company and Brand

Specializing in HMD(Head Mounted Display) business, vu;t has started in 2015 as a subsidiary company of Green Optic Inc (a globally prestigious optic solution company head quartered in Korea). Green Optic Inc. is a total optic solution provider. Green Optic Inc. is exclusive for having the one-stop facility for manufacturing optic solutions; no other company in Korea has such facility. Green Optic has supplied various optic lens to Global Leaders like Samsung, LG for producing mini camera lens, laser, LCD, medical, infrared camera, industrial camera, satellite camera just to name a few. For a decade, We, Green Optic Inc., have strived to make HMD solutions for military, medical, entertainment applications by utilizing our accumulated optic expertise. As a result, we successfully invented See-closed HMD on 90’(2M ) large screen for military simulation. From 2011, we have concentrated on smart glass with external transparency as instrument for augmented reality, and launched it on 2015 CES; there, we have fascinated the audience by introducing a sample that provides 50’ screen, which is 4 times larger than that of the Google Glass. We are currently blueprinting the business model, which will be initialized with the release of BV-1(our next model)’s developer version on July 2015. vu:t stands for “Viewing Tomorrow” It is far beyond a company that just produces wearable gadgets along with relevant applications. As a visionary IT entrepreneur specializing in wearable solutions, vu:t does what it does for people to advance and triumph in their future.

Our Goal


Customers optimized wearable devices


The global leader in wearable device solutions


Progressive Passionate Flexible Human-oriented


Apply technology and resources to realize the future in all areas


Providing just what you need without time and space restraints

Development Behind Story

2012 IFA Exhibition Hall, Berlin, Germany In the midst of the crowded venue, an old man with grey hair approached with his son on wheel chair. Old man tried out the HMD, and he put it on his son as well. Shortly after, the son had a bright smile on his face, and whispered something to his father. The old man approached us, and asked. “What is this? My son’s vision is so poor that he can’t recognize the distant scenes. No glasses so far has helped him at all until now. But as he put on this pair of glasses, what he witnessed(the distance scene) has been very vivid,” We told him that Vu;t allows to view 50 inch screen by utilizing optic technology. He replied. “How much is this? I will buy at any cost. I want my son to witness the beautiful moments of life he has missed so far.” It was a sincere matter of regret that it HMD was not available at that moment. The old gentleman left us his contact information asking us to get back at him once HMD becomes available. We all felt very touched. Running into a loving father from Germany, we have reassured ourselves that we are producing the right product for the right purpose. We have been inventing something that would be a real help to someone. The process is always complicated and difficult, but yes, we feel righteous and accomplished after all. Whenever we run into a wall, whenever we have a trouble moving forward, we think of that German father. We are not just making wearable device and applications. We are the guides who lead our customers to their brilliant future.

Our Team

Our team is in the industry with over 15 years of experience in the field. founded in 2015 as a spin-off company from Green Optics which has a world leading optical technology in Korea, vu:t is a growing, dynamic company that specializes in high quality wearable optical display systems for commercial, industrial, and consumer applications. Products include medical, military, public service and display systems for industrial customers. Our perfectionism philosophy provides turnkey solutions for components and fully integrated solutions engineered to customer requirements.
We are always interested in the best and brightest talent in user experience and interface, machine learning and image processing, system design and integration, and any human-centric technology. If you want to join our team or to get additional information, leave your e-mail address.

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