Empowering the military force


Monocular Smart Glass for Future Infantry

Utilizing the Monocular Smart Glass attached to the weapons and visions, the future infantrymen will share the field intelligence with the HQ and other alliances in real time. Doing so will deliver the combat efficacy at its finest.

HMD for Military Simulation in Augmented Reality

This is what HMD for Military Simulation in Augmented Reality does. The trainee wearing ST-HMD(See-Through HMD) will be able to access every train-relevant data( i.e. operation map, the real time status of enemy, and much more); in turn, the military training can reap the most out of it. In outdoor campaigns, exact coordinates of every data will be provided, and the screen will analyze and show the reality and augmented reality in a comparative manner.

Medical application increases care quality


3D Medical Microscope grounded on HMD

By wearing these HMD-based microscopes, the doctors and medical staff no longer have to physically turn their head back and forth to check the status monitor during operations. Seeing the objects in 3D, they can concentrate and proceed the operation with maximum efficiency. The medical information can be exchanged in real time through this HMD-based 3D Medical Microscope.

Vein Reader

Without making a physical contact with the skin, this device utilizes the near infrared(which has no harmful effect on human conditions) LED method to interpret the flow of blood circulation under the skin up to 10mm, Now, the nurses can easily detect the vein coordination for giving shots. This device will reduce the painful trials and errors of needling by correctly identifying the veins under the skin.

Swift and flexible response to various disasters


Vehicle Repairing in Augmented Reality

Based on ECU diagnosis data accumulated by Communicating with vehicles, different input methods such as voice and touch are generated. These data is used for vehicle repairing and operation process manuals to be processed into 2D/3D contents, and be displayed on Smart Glass' Augmented reality. After all, the vehicle repair processing will be easier and convenient.

User Safety in Augmented Reality

As the user security has become a priority, training for a swift and flexible response to various disasters has become mandatory. See-Through Type Smart Glass Technology with a highly focused training in augmented reality integrates a high-tech measuring skill via Beacon, and provides 2D/3D contents for disaster prevention training.

More easier and convenient


Wearable Systems for Smart Factory in Augmented Reality.

Hardware Interface platform in a Smart Glass format allows manufacturing process, work order, inventory management, and asset tracking can be carried out in augmented reality. In turn, WMS(Warehouse Management System) tasks like the staff training, manufacturing management, product repair along with many others can be a whole lot more efficient by utilizing Wearable System for Smart Industry 4.0 version.

Never miss a single moment


Swimming goggle embedded vu:t sports application tracks,
stores and display optimized training information during your swim in every condition,
it helps you in better condition and allows you to achieve your best performance.


Confident partner by translation software when you traveling abroad

Smart glasses with embedded translation software give you on-site translation service in time, whatever you see, whenever you hear. Voice recognized dialogues are displayed on your smart glasses completely translated. As a reliable tour guide, our translation software helps you understand and enjoy all the contents of local place and it also makes communication with unconstrained languages.


Reality games utilizing smart sensors and augmented reality technology

Various motion games and augmented reality games are based on user's motion data from markers and sensors of vu:t glasses, Interactive motion and augmented reality technology help you enjoy all the more vivid gaming experience.